Chemical can line

Square can (1-5L) automatic production line

This automatic production line is used for producing(1-5L) chemical square cans.It is compact structure,high degree of automation and reliability to meet the needs of production.

  • Product type: Chemical square can
  • Specification: 1-5L
  • Production capacity: 15--20pcs/min
  • Total power: 42kw
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    No.1 GT1B5Z Automatic cutting/shearing machine

    General situation: this machine is used for batch cutting tinplate or other metal sheet for next working procedure.

    No.2 Automatic welding machine(with round forming)


    General situation: this machine is used for automatic round forming and welding for can body,it is the ideal equipment  in chemical can industry.

    No.3  Automatic square forming machine

    No.4  Automatic flanging machine

    No.6  4A19Z Autoamatic sealing machine

    General situation: the machine can be used for automatical sealing of round and special-shapes cans of can-manufacturing and capacitor industry or other industries.