Chemical can line

Conical pail semi-automatic production line

This line is used to produce conincal pail/convenient bucket. Procedure:shearing–rounding–seam welding – cone expanding&shaping– pre-curling&flanging–curling&ribbing–sealing–double-end spot welding

  • Product type: convenient bucket,conical pail
  • Production capacity: 8--12pcs/min
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    No.1 GT1B5 Round disc cutting/shearing machine

    General situation
    this machine is used for batch cutting tinplate or other metal sheet for next working procedure.

    No.2 GT3A3 Rounding machine

    General situation
    the machine is used to round the sheared metal sheets.

    No.3 FBW-10A Welding machine


    General situationthis machine is used for welding of can’s body of 0.5 – 20L.

    NO. 4 3TA20 Hydraulic cone expanding & shaping machine

    General situation: the machine is mainly used to shape convenient bucket. It can shape the welded round can into the size needed with coning mould by the way of hydraulic pressure.

    No.5 3TB20 Hydraulic Pre-curling and Flanging Machine


    General situation: the machine is used for pre-curling & flanging of convenient bucket, and top & bottom flanging of normal & coning bucket.

    No.6 3TC20 Hydraulic Curling and ribbing Machine


    General situation: the machine is mainly used for curling and beading of convenient bucket.

    No.7 GT4A19Q Pneumatic four-roller sealing machine

    General situation: the sealing machine is mainly used for sealing tinplate round can, square can, capacitor and other special shaped can in can-making industry.

    No.8 3T28 double-end spot welding machine


    General situation: this machine is used for double-end spot welding of flower basket and paint barrels’ handles.